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Services We Provide

We provide a wide variety of services to make sure that we have something for all of your needs. 

Managed IT Services


Terminal IT Services offer a wide variety of ways to help manage all of your business IT needs. From helping you build a network to fit your needs to the simplest help desk task. We make sure that we are focused on a company's in-house network and updating internal servers to improve the company's productivity. 

Structured Cabling - Rack Design And Setup

Racks provide an organization system for all of your network devices. This provides easy access for the tech to come in and handle service calls more efficiently. Structured Cabling allows us to supply network capabilities to every room for the most effective productivity. 

Data Recovery and Digital Forensics Preservation

Data Recovery allows us to regain access to the things that you may have lost or deleted or just had a system corruption and can no longer find. With this service, a Terminal IT Tech will use our special algorithms and look through your databases and caches to restore the deleted data and put that all together in a report we will present to you.

Storage and Back-Up Services


With extra storage, you never have to worry if you are gonna be able to hold certain things on your local computer. It provides backup for all the important files that you couldn't hold before with ease. 

Video Security - Access Control - Commercial Alarm Monitoring and Installation 


Video Security is important in all businesses because it allows for constant monitoring for things such as workplace accidents, theft, and keeping your business as secure as possible. Just like video security access control allows you to keep track of who is coming and going from the building to assure that any unwanted people are not entering the facility. 

Mobile Device - Spyware Scanning


There are so many ways to commit cyber threats, and we are always staying on top of the best ways to keep our clients guarded against internal and external threats. By checking for mobile spyware is just another measure to make sure you are completed protected. 

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